Does a Propane Fire Pit Keep Mosquitoes Away?

  • By: Mike Hale
  • Date: July 17, 2022
  • Time to read: 5 min.

Mosquitoes carry a lot of certain diseases that affect humans. These diseases include the West Nile Virus and so much more. They usually appear around areas that have standing water, high rainfall, or humidity. There are plenty of solutions that you can do to avoid mosquitoes out of your home. These solutions are also great in keeping you, your family, and guests safe from the dangers they bring.

Propane is like human breath because it transforms into carbon dioxide, which attracts mosquitoes and other insects. With this said, using propane in your fire pit will not keep the mosquitoes away. If you want them not to hang around, it is best to use other solutions in your fire pit.

Don’t let those pesky mosquitoes ruin your time around your fire pit. In this article, I will talk about whether a propane fire pit will keep the mosquitoes away, what you can put in your propane fire pit to keep the mosquitoes away, and what is the best propane fire pit that you can use for your backyard.

Does a Propane Fire Pit Keep Mosquitoes Away?

Does a propane fire pit keep mosquitoes away?

As mentioned above, using propane in your fire pit will not keep the mosquitoes away. Due to the carbon dioxide that they put out, mosquitoes are more attracted to propane fire pits. However, you can still use a propane fire pit, but you would need extra effort to keep the annoying mosquitoes away. 

We specifically use propane pits in our house, and we still manage to keep the mosquitoes away. Our family can still enjoy the night around our fire pit during a small get together or a party for our guests and family.

What can I put in my propane fire pit to keep mosquitoes away?

There are ways that you can keep the mosquitoes away even if you use propane in your fire pit. As you know, mosquitoes are not only annoying, but they can bring a lot of health hazards, diseases, and harmful superficial itchy bug bites. 

Now, mosquitoes are attracted to light and warmth. So with the right things around your fire pit, you can keep them away.

Chemical repellents are one thing that you can use to keep mosquitoes away by using propane fire pits. They work by blocking specific environmental factors that tend to attract mosquitoes, which also include water vapor. Some of these chemicals are made from plants, but not all.

Chemical repellents work for several hours after application, making them an ideal choice to use when you are around your fire pit. You do have to take note that some of these repellents are flammable, so you have to be careful when you are around your fire pits. 

Also, make sure to apply them on your skin away from the fire and wait until the repellent dries entirely before going near your fire pit.

Aside from chemical repellents, you also have your electronic repellents. They do not require any application on the skin. They work by emitting ultraviolet rays that will kill the mosquitoes. In order to use electronic mosquito repellent, you need to be able to hang the zapper near your fire pit. Once that is done, plug it into an electrical outlet and let it do the work.

Lastly, the most popular choice of mosquito repellent is citronella. It is the most natural option to use chemical repellents. It emits a scent that is not pleasing to mosquitoes, which is why they repel them from the location. Citronella oil is usually used in candles and can be incorporated into a wristband. 

However, citronella oil diminishes quickly than other chemical repellents, which means that they do not stay effective as long. If you choose to use this, make sure that you have extra candles and wristbands in handy. This is if you are planning to stay longer around your fire pit.

I usually have at least three extra candles when our family spends time around the fire pit. It can be hours when we are spending time together and talking about different things that have been going on.

Best propane fire pit for your backyard

The best overall propane for your fire pit in your backyard is the Endless Summer 30″ Outdoor Propane Gas Rock Top Fire Pit. There are distinct advantages when using a propane fire pit than the wood ones. The Endless Summer is an attractive fire pit that produces enough warmth to keep everyone warm and toasty. 

It is a square table-style model that produces 50,000 BTUs of heat and runs on a 20-pound propane tank.

The tank is safely tucked neatly out of sight in a sleek cabinet beneath the fire bowl. It also comes with an automatic igniter flame for quick-fire startups equipped with a safety valve. It also has a steel insert to cover the fire bowl when it is not in use. 

The Endless Summer 30″ Outdoor Propane Gas Rock Top Fire Pit has an overall weight of 80 pounds, measures 30 inches squared, and stands about 25 inches tall. 

If you are leaning towards a propane fire pit’s stylish side, the Outland Living 401 Series Outdoor Gas Fire Table is the best choice for you. It measures a full 44 inches long and is almost the same as a full-size coffee table. It can hold drinks and plates. 

The oblong center fire pit will set a relaxing mood. It has dancing flames that flicker throughout the 15.5 pounds of Arctic ice fire glass.

It produces 35,000 BTUs of heat and comes in different colors such as espresso brown or slate grey. The fire pit is made from high-quality aluminum covered on the sides by durable polyethylene wicker. The Outland Living 401 Series Outdoor Gas Fire Table weighs 96 pounds, measures 32 inches in width, and stands 23 inches high. 

It also comes with a push-button igniter and a tempered-glass insert that is available. However, it is sold separately, and its function is to cover the fire bowl when not in use.

My favorite is the Outland Living 401 Series Outdoor Gas Fire Table because its style matches my home’s preferences and decor. It provides a beautiful look in my home and can work better than a wood fire pit that I used to have.