Top 8 Best Decorative Garden Lights: Reviews, Buyers Guide & FAQ

  • By: Mike Hale
  • Date: July 17, 2022
  • Time to read: 8 min.

There is nothing more delightful than enjoying an evening in your backyard with your family. A sedentary lifestyle has left us with little time to enjoy small blessings in life. When you start celebrating small joys in your life, you begin to see its true meaning. I get very excited when summer is approaching. The first thing I do is prepare my garden to enjoy summer nights. I trim my lawn and patio, paint the fences and most importantly change Decorative Garden Lights.

I believe, good quality garden lights are ideal to set the mood for those backyard barbecue parties, evening swims, or watching your kids chase lightning bugs. They have the power to turn your garden into a true summer paradise. Outdoor garden lights create the perfect atmosphere to relax and chitchat with your family.

For me, an unkempt garden is no less than a nightmare. Outdoor garden lights complete the vibe I am going for with my outdoors. Today I am going to share some of the best options for garden lights. I will cover product features with their pros and cons and provide you with an honest review. Continue reading, if you wish to learn from my experience.

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Best decorative garden lights to light up your summer evenings

When it comes to garden lights, there are thousands of options available in the market. It can be overwhelming to choose the one that meets your standards. Following is a list of garden lights that I found the best for my garden. I hope it helps to make the right choice.

Voona Solar LED Outdoor Lights

If you are going for concise and elegant garden illumination, you should consider installing Voona Solar LED Outdoor Lights. It is quick and simple to install these lights. All you need is to thrust stakes into the ground and turn on the assembled lamp. There is no complex wiring required.

Important features

These high-efficiency LED lights are powered by the sun. They are installed with an AA Ni-Mh battery. Once fully charged, these batteries stay on all night. With 6lumen output, these lights are one of the most eco-friendly garden light options available. They are cost-efficient. Being solar-paneled, these LED lights light up your garden for free. Voona Solar garden lights turn on automatically at nighttime and turn off as the sun rises.


  • Solar-powered
  • Perfect for garden, driveway, and patio
  • Designed with stainless steel
  • Plastic lens to create beautiful light effects on the ground
  • Warm white light patterns to create a romantic another worldly ambiance
  • Eco-friendly lighting option
  • Weather resistance
  • Saves you money using solar

Note: Not as bright as I expected at 6 lumens, it accents the surrounding area

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decorative garden oights

Brightown Outdoor String Lights

Want to immerse in the true spirit of the festive season? Brightown Outdoor String Lights will make that happen.

Important features

The purpose of these modern and creative decorative outdoor string lights go beyond illumination. They serve as the perfect decoration to add life to your outdoor parties. These outdoor landscape lights create that contemporary Boho vibe perfect for a romantic dinner date or for unwinding after a long day at work.

These patio string lights are manufactured using the highest quality material. They are waterproof, flexible, safe, and practical. No matter what the event or occasion is, Brightown Outdoor String decorative lights will complement it.


  • Multipurpose string lights
  • Ideal decoration for both indoors and outdoors
  • Each bulb has a rated power of 5W each
  • IP44 grade waterproof
  • Warm white 2700k color temperature
  • Each bulb has 23 lumens
  • 125V 5A fuse type

Note: These lights are a little complicated to install

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Aootek New Solar Lights

Aootek New Solar Lights are for those who those who prefer security over aesthetics.

Important features

These solar lights come with three optional modes including security light mode, Permanent On all night mode, and Smart brightness control mode. It comes with motion sensor detection and a PIR sensor that detect people from up to 26 feet of distance at an angle of 120 degrees. This outdoor wall lighting comes with a 2200 mah rechargeable lithium-ion battery that offers brighter and long-term lighting.


  • Three optional light modes
  • Sensitive Ultra Bright Lights
  • PIR Motion Inductor
  • Highly Efficient Solar Panel
  • Water and heatproof lights
  • Exceptional outdoor security with solar lights for walls, patios, driveways, and gutters
  • 120 Led light
  • Energy savings through solar power

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LITOM 12 LED Solar Landscape Spotlights

LITOM 12 LED Solar Landscape Spotlights the perfect garden lights to create a cool atmosphere.

Important features

These solar lights come with 12 bright LED lights with a 120-degree lighting angle. It comes with a large 90-degree adjustable solar panel and a long-lasting rechargeable 18650 lithium battery. These solar lights are ideal to add an edge to your patio lighting. These are no doubt, one of the most practical options we have in the market.

It offers 2 brightness Outdoor LED Landscape Lighting modes for users to choose from. These decorative garden lights automatically adjust the brightness to suit your external environment. Once there is a drop in the brightness, the light will switch from energy saving to lighting mode.

LITOM 12 LED Solar Landscape Spotlights are waterproofed with advanced IP67 Waterproof Technology. These two in one function lights offer you 2 installation options to choose from. You can stick these into the ground with stakes or mount them onto your patio wall.


  • Let you create a cool atmosphere in your garden
  • Eco-friendly solar landscape lights
  • Powerful 18650 lithium battery
  • 2 brightness modes to choose from
  • FCC, CE, RoHS, MSDS, UN38.3 appearance patented and certified.
  • Water and heatproof
  • Two installation options to try
  • Versatile with two in one functions
  • Ideal lighting option for porch, patio, pool, yard, deck, garden, driveway, garage, and pathway

Note: These lights need to be in sunlight during the day in order to power at night

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LMP 4 pack LED Square Up and Down – Outdoor Wall Light

Want to give your garden or patio a sleek and modern touch? Invest in LMP 4 pack LED Square Up and Down Lights Outdoor Wall Light. The reason why I love these LED lights is that they take only a minute to install. The modern American style lights come with a small package with everything you need to install them.

Important features

Their eco-friendly and energy-saving features make them a top choice when it comes to garden lights. These LED wall lamps come with 2 GU10 bulbs, which saves you over 80% of electricity costs. Being grade IP 65 waterproof, these lamps stand the test of time even in harsh weather conditions. With an aluminum die-casting body, these LED lamps offer longevity use.


  • Add a contemporary touch to your outdoors.
  • Easiest to install in a minute
  • Energy saving
  • Eco-friendly LED lights
  • Save 80% of electricity with 2 GU10 bulbs.
  • IP 65 grade waterproofing
  • Long-lasting design with die-casting aluminum body
  • Light up any space including lawn, patio, driveway garden, and more
  • An input of 110V-240V
  • Comes with an installation package

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outdoor decorative garden lights

GIGALUMI 12 Pack Solar Pathway Lights

Looking for powerful solar light to light up your path? You won’t find a better option than GIGALUMI 12 Pack Solar Pathway Lights.

Important features

These automatic lights use solar energy to charge. All you need is 4 hours of shining to enjoy 8 hours of lighting throughout the night. You can purchase a pack of 12 lights to make your pathway light up bright.

The water-resistance property makes these lights ideal for even the harshest weather conditions. These solar pathway lights are easy to handle and install. You can install them into the ground and turn the light on. You don’t need extra power sources or wires to make them work. These multipurpose lights serve as decoration to light up any area of your house including your garden, patio, driveway, or pathway. Exceptional customer service is a cherry on top.


  • Come in a pack of twelve to light up your entire pathway
  • Use solar energy to charge hence save you money
  • Water-resistance makes them the best solution for your concerns regarding bad weather
  • Easy to install and handle
  • Ideal to light up any area of your property
  • 4 hour charge time gives 8 hours of light

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solar lights Outdoor Garden Decorative

Solar Light Outdoor Garden Decorative 

Decorate your garden for Halloween and create a magical experience with Solar Light Outdoor Garden Decorative.

Important features

These multipurpose lights not only light up your garden but also add that magical vibe to your property. These lights are solar-powered. Once fully charged in the daytime, they offer 8 hours of nighttime illumination. With 15 lumens, these outdoor garden lights add more warmth to your surroundings.

These solar lights are intricately designed to offer unexpected visual effects when turned on.38.5”x12” dimensions make them ideal decor items for your garden, balcony, and patio. They are so elegant that you can even gift some to your friends. These lights are durable and eco-friendly. They don’t add up to your electricity cost.


  • Ideal decorative lights for special occasions especially Christmas or Halloween parties
  • Solar-powered lights
  • Offer 8 hours of illumination
  • Give off warm white light with 15 lumens
  • With a size of 38.5”x12”, these lights make the perfect décor item
  • Perfect to be installed in any area of your property
  • A durable lighting option
  • Eco-friendly and energy-saving
  • Make an ideal present

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Sunthin 96ft LED outdoor String Light – Shatterproof

 Want to create a festive atmosphere in your backyard? Install Sunthin 96ft LED Outdoor String Lights.

Important features

These string lights are ideal for both indoors and outdoors. They can illuminate your backyard while serving as an ideal decoration for those evening summer parties. Warm and bright light adds more life to your back or front yard. These multipurpose lights can be used to light up your patio, garden, porch, or deck. They can be used as commercial lights for parties or similar events.

LED bulb, compatible with dimmer makes it easy to adjust the lighting creating a warm and soft atmosphere for a wedding or a romantic dinner date. Enjoy family reunions, have barbecue nights, and make the most of your time outdoors.

These LED string lights come with 32 hanging sockets placed 3 feet apart. These sockets are installed with 32 x 1W S14 LED bulbs. You can connect 30 strands at maximum. The shatterproof feature makes these bulbs an amazing option for outdoor lighting.

They are IP 65 waterproof, which means they can stand any weather condition. These string bulbs are high efficiency LED lights that save you over 90% of the electricity cost when compared to incandescent bulbs. With over 30,000 hour lifespan, these bulbs save you the maintenance cost associated with changing bulbs every season.


  • Add a warm bright light to your outdoors
  • Can be used for commercial purposes
  • Ideal for parties
  • Dimmer for easy light adjustment
  • Connectable strands with waterproof sockets
  • Save you 90% on the electricity bill when compared to incandescent light bulbs
  • IP 65 grade waterproofing

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What’s the Bottom Line Here?

I love summer because I get to relax with my family outdoors. To make my summer evenings even more magical, I have installed decorative lights in my garden. There are so many options that I have tried over the years. 

If you want to light up your patio or have a family reunion in your backyard, choose one of the above-mentioned options. Go for solar-powered lights because they are not only cost-effective but eco-friendly as well. Choose the color temperature that matches the vibe you are trying to achieve. They will turn your garden into your summer paradise.