Best Utility Carts and Folding Wheelbarrows: Reviews, Buyers Guide & FAQ

  • By: August Ferra
  • Date: July 17, 2022
  • Time to read: 9 min.

Wheelbarrows are being used for quite some time now. At present, you’ll come across quite a few types of wheelbarrows on the market that will make it somewhat difficult to choose the appropriate one for your personal requirements. 

Working outdoors has become a hectic task nowadays, particularly when there is a requirement for lifting garden waste from one end to the other. 

Although buckets, baskets, and traditional trugs are definitely handy, it is quite tough to handle heavy materials with this kind of equipment. In such cases, wheelbarrows will help to make everything simple for you. 

Moreover, a folding wheelbarrow will be appropriate for carting around leaves and other kinds of light-duty gardening chores.

In the following paragraphs, we have mentioned the top 6 compact carts and folding wheelbarrows out there, which will help you make a prudent buying decision.

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1. Allsop Home and Garden WheelEasy LE

This particular 20-pound folding wheelbarrow has been designed ergonomically and is also quite sturdy for performing gardening tasks. It is simple to load, will be able to carry a respectable amount, and will fold up into a small size for easy storage and transportation.

Although the assembly might be somewhat confusing, the process is not difficult, after all. The product has been manufactured from a metal frame as well as a nylon tarp. It is completely collapsible so that you will be able to store it anywhere you like without consuming plenty of space.


• Folding yard cart

• Collapsible for simple ground-level loading

• Fabric canvas surface

• UV-resistant seams capable of supporting as much as 150 pounds

• Comes with a weight of fewer than 15 pounds

• Lightweight and resilient

• Foldable design offering simple storage

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2. Bosmere Folding Wheelbarrow

This is one of the most well-known folding wheelbarrows out there. It is lightweight and also simple to handle and store. The product’s weight is approximately 9 pounds, which makes it one of the lightest products available on the market. It can take a load of 100 pounds. It comes with a resilient puncture-free wheel for providing the conventional twist.

The cart comes with as many as 3 pouches for providing extra storage. It is extremely space-efficient and also simple to use. The tray bags have been made from polyester, which makes it quite easy to use and clean. The loop handles are also properly cushioned, which offers easy grip as well as comfort.


• Simple storage

• Puncture-free tire

• Appropriate for household usage

• Durable fabric

• Comes with a 1-year warranty

• Compact

• Simple to use and move

• Lightweight

• Maintenance-freeing

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3. Sekey Folding Wagon Cart

 This folding wheelbarrow is ideal for transporting grocery items and camping, gardening, trips, and outdoor activities. Apart from this, it includes a heavy-duty frame made of steel, which helps you accommodate as many as 260 pounds. The device has been made from resilient fabric, which can be removed for simple cleaning.

When properly folded, the product will fit its spacious and convenient carrying bag perfectly. It also comes with big PU wheels, which have been designed using bearings and will be able to rotate up to 360 degrees for easy movement and flexibility on various terrains. The handle is also adjustable that will provide you with complete control of the product.


• Comes with a heavy-duty frame made of steel that can support up to 260 pounds

• Includes a carrying bag

• Comes with a resilient fabric made from 600D polyester

• Includes an adjustable handle

• Features large PU wheels


• Can carry a load of as much as 260 pounds

• The tires are quite large, having a diameter of 7 inches

• Includes a steel frame

• Very simple to fold as well as unfold

• Comes with a warranty of 2 years


  • This might be hard to roll over soft ground
  • The wheels are very close, which could make the cart tip over easily

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4. Workx Aerocart 8 in 1 wheelbarrow 

This one is actually an all in one multifunctional folding wheelbarrow with lots of innovative features to satisfy core outdoor chores. Being an 8 one cart, it is straightforward to transform the product from a wheelbarrow to multi-utility tools like a bag holder, dolly, rock and plant mover, and so on. Having a volume of 3 cubic feet, the device will accommodate a load capacity of as much as 300 pounds.

The Workx Aerocart is actually a cart made from steel, and the tires have been manufactured from solid polypropylene. The device’s weight is approximately 45 pounds, making it quite robust and stiff to work with. Moreover, the tires do not require any air inflation and do not go flat. The tires’ size is 3 inches by 10 inches, and this is easily replaceable with a shaft measuring 15 inches by 32 inches attached to it.

It is possible to regulate the center of gravity for providing it with a better balance thanks to the innovative Aerocart fulcrum, which is positioned between the loads directly. The device has been designed to provide vertical storage and does not occupy much space than the other similar products on the market. 

It includes long handles designed ergonomically, having turbo lift features, and a comfortable grip. This helps in lifting heavy loads without much problem whatsoever. Moreover, the cart will be able to move on any surface easily thanks to the inclusion of puncture-free tires.


• Inbuilt dolly feature

• 8-in-1 wheelbarrow

• puncture-free tires

• Extended fold out

• Warranty of 3 years

• Simple to assemble

• Large capacity

• Extra accessories

• Is comparatively affordable

• Not much maintenance is required

• Extremely versatile

• Robust and resilient

• Long-lasting performance

• Lightweight and simple to use

• 3 color choices


  • The tub I on the small size
  • Solid tires make it difficult to use on soft terrain

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Compact Cart

5. Tipke 2100 Marine Fold – it Utility Cart

This product is appropriate for usage on the beach, given that it has been designed for use in aquatic environments. It is extremely durable as well as maneuverable, which will be able to accommodate as many as 300 pounds. One can also use it around the house or neighborhood.

You can easily fold the product up for simple storage while it is not being used. It is also solid and stable. The product comes with wheels at the rear and legs at the front such that there is no need to be concerned about it rolling off anywhere. The cart has been made from aluminum, which makes it quite resilient out there.


• Includes a pair of wheels

• Will be able to accommodate as many as 300 pounds

• Is foldable

• There is no need to assemble the product

• Comes with a fantastic maneuverability

• Is manufactured from top-quality marine-grade aluminum

• Comes with a dimension of 42 inches x 21 inches x 10 inches

• Simple to use

• Can fold up easily, which helps to save space

• Comes with a fantastic hauling capacity

• Includes a lucrative 2-year warranty

• Lightweight so that anyone will be able to handle it

• Doesn’t corrode

• Pneumatic tires appropriate for any terrain


• Might not be suitable for heavy hauling

• Does not include a rear gate

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6. Mac Sports Collapsible Folding Outdoor Wagon

This compact wheelbarrow can be used for various purposes, including small chores around the house and other tasks outside the residence. It can be used for carrying beach gear, sports gear, camping gear, and so forth extremely conveniently. 

One can also utilize it for performing yard work thanks to its multipurpose layout. It is quite simple to set up the model since no type of assembly will be required. When unfolded, the product’s measurement is approximately 35 inches x 20 inches x 22 inches, and when folded, its dimension will be approximately 32 inches x 20 inches x 17.4 inches.

The wagon will fold at approximately 7 inches in width, which makes it a convenient option while traveling and storing in your vehicle or closet. Apart from this, it is quite lightweight and weighs approximately 24 pounds, which helps you to carry the product anywhere without much problem. 

It also comes with a strong steel frame of approximately 150 pounds, making it extremely resilient. You will be able to put quite a few items or accessories, thanks to the convenient capacity of 150 pounds. A resilient 600D polyester fabric lines the cart, and it is simple to clean as well. Finally, it features an adjustable handle, which helps to minimize any effort for pulling the product.


• Adjustable handles

• Simple mobility

• Extremely lightweight

• Compact storage

• Lucrative 1-year warranty

• Simple to set up

• Robust steel frame

• Foldable design, which helps to store it conveniently

• Versatile functionality


• Appropriate for only light-duty chores

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Mac Sports Folding Cart

What are the important features to look for in a compact wheelbarrow?

As mentioned earlier, the wheelbarrow can be considered to be an essential tool for gardening. It would help if you considered several important factors while purchasing the best compact wheelbarrow on the market. Below, we have stated some of those vital factors in detail.

1. Tub area or capacity

This particular aspect will differ from one wheelbarrow to the other. Therefore, if you search for a product capable of loading and moving large objects, it will always be a good idea to go for one having a bigger tub area or capacity.

2. Loading capacity

It is a fact that some of the wheelbarrows out there will be having bigger capacities than that of the others. Consequently, before buying a wheelbarrow, make it a point to evaluate it first, whether its capacity will be fitting your purpose of using the product. Some devices come with a remarkable center of gravity, which helps to minimize the load significantly. It will be possible to save your back by employing these types of products.

3. Storage

In case the wheelbarrow is large and bulky, it can prove to be a problem for the users to store it conveniently. However, several of the devices come with simple-to-store features since they can be convertible or foldable. Consequently, before buying a wheelbarrow, make sure to evaluate whether it comes with these types of easy storage features.

4. Primary usage

While purchasing a wheelbarrow, you need to ascertain where you will be using it primarily. Will you use it for agricultural, residential, or commercial tasks? Having so many different types of products available out there, it is crucial to select one that will perfectly satisfy your demands.

5. Number of wheels

It is possible for wheelbarrows to be 1-wheeled, 2-wheeled, 3-wheeled, or even 4-wheeled. On most occasions, those featuring 4 wheels will be offering superior load stability, although it will be difficult to maneuver them in narrow areas. On the contrary, some products might come with fewer wheels; however, they are supported with braces for providing identical stability as 4-wheeled ones. The good thing is that it will be easier to maneuver them around narrow areas.

6. Type of tires

Compact wheelbarrows might come with airless or pneumatic tires. While pneumatic tires need inflation regularly, it is not required to inflate airless tires whatsoever. Moreover, they are almost maintenance-free. Therefore, it will be a good idea to purchase wheelbarrows having airless tires.

7. Handle

The handle is actually a wheelbarrow’s steering wheel. The handle needs to provide it with a comfortable grip so that you can easily move it. Ensure that the wheelbarrow handle has got a cushion grip, making you more comfortable in the long run.


1. What is the width of a wheelbarrow?

Wheelbarrows are available in various sizes, which range from 2 cubic feet to 5 cubic feet. The larger products are the most heavy-duty ones, which are mainly used for commercial purposes.

2. Which kind of wheelbarrow is appropriate for the kids and the older people?

Lightweight, as well as solid wheelbarrows, will be appropriate for the kids and older people.

3. Are wheelbarrows available in assembled condition?

This will depend on whom you are purchasing the product. However, the majority of the wheelbarrows will be shipped in components that have to be assembled. Therefore, make certain that you have got the required tools to do so.


Let us hope that all these guidelines mentioned above will assist you in finding the perfect wheelbarrow for your personal requirements. Go online and look at the previous customers’ reviews, which will provide you with a good idea regarding the products’ competence. 

However, do not always go for the most inexpensive ones since they might lack the required features which you want.