Cheapest Ways to Cover Dirt in a Backyard

  • By: Mike Hale
  • Date: July 29, 2022
  • Time to read: 4 min.

It’s frustrating when the only thing you can see in your backyard are piles of dirt. The good news is that there are ways to fix this problem. Here are some of the cheapest ways to cover dirt in backyard to help you get started!


Gravel is one of the best options for concealing the soil in your backyard’s open areas. Due to its sturdiness, gravel is an excellent choice for use as a ground cover in your backyard. It will last for a long time and won’t need any maintenance.

However, there is a minor drawback to using gravel: it is a heat conductor. Gravel may not be the best option if you intend to utilize the space for any other activity during the day since it’s going to be too hot, and walking bare feet on it will be unpleasant.

However, there is no reason why you should not use gravel in your backyard to cover the dirt if this is not the case.

Most Low-Maintenance Surface: Artificial Turf

Most people believe that installing artificial turf is a tough task. For the most part, it’s a simple process that anyone can do.

Artificial grass is more expensive than natural grass, but if you’re searching for a low-maintenance option, this is just what you need. For a minimum of 10-20 years, there will be no need for any upkeep after the turf has been placed.

Isn’t that a soothing thought? This concept becomes more attractive when you think of pulling up the sods you had installed because you “forgot” to water the grass all month.

The typical cost per square foot of artificial grass is usually $3 and $15. You have to consider how much you’re purchasing, who you’re purchasing it from, and whether or not you’re paying for labor while making your purchase.

Wholesalers often sell turf at $3 per square foot. Because this is only available in large quantities, local turf places will almost certainly charge at least $6 per square foot.

However, it is long-lasting and builds up rapidly. You may purchase the turf on Amazon.

Cheapest way to cover dirt in a backyard

How to Install Artificial Turf?

Once you’ve cleared and leveled the area where you’ll be installing the turf, it’s time to lay it. You can use a roller or a shovel to compact the soil first.

For the second step, make a frame box out of wood and customize it to your liking. To save time and effort, it’s a good idea to calculate how much grass you’ll be purchasing and design the box accordingly.

You then lay down the turf in the boxed-in area. Keep the grass in place by using roofing nails and hammering its edges into a square box form.

It’s important to ensure the nails are nailed correctly so that the turf can stay in place. The amount of lawn sand you use is up to you. A layer of turf sand helps keep the grass upright.

Restore the Beauty of Your Yard with Natural Grass

Natural grass is one of the cheapest ways to cover dirt in backyard. However, it does involve some effort.

To get the greatest results, you’ll need to plant the grass seed or sod in the spring or early fall, when temperatures are cooler. Before laying the sod, you’ll need to add compost to your soil.

You may buy compost or manufacture your own using the following items, but it will take two and six months to complete the process.

  • Weeds
  • Dead leaves
  • Shreds of paper
  • Cuttings from a lawn
  • Debris from the yard that includes animal waste and grass

The compost should be incorporated into the soil and watered thoroughly. Once the ground has been raked and leveled, spread the grass seeds about the yard.

Water the seeds until they sprout, ensuring the soil is moist but not soggy. It should take anything from 7 to 14 days for this to complete.

You’ll need to tamp down the sod after placing it to ensure that the roots have a good chance of establishing themselves in your garden.

Choosing the proper type of grass for your yard is also critical. Some species are invasive and may do more harm than good, so it’s best to avoid them.

As a result, do some homework to determine which kind of grass might work best in your garden.

Deck Construction

The construction of a deck is another option for concealing your backyard’s exposed surface. You and your friends may have a great time building your deck in the backyard if you work together.

If you or someone you know has the supplies, building a deck isn’t as expensive as you would think. Building a deck is rather low if you do it yourself and do not pay someone else to do it for you!

To maximize your backyard area, create your deck to cover the ground. You’ll be able to store additional furniture, a barbecue or barbeque, and more underneath the deck.

Cheapest way to cover dirt in a backyard

Winding Paths

You can make a path of stepping stones that leads to a seating area. You should aim to keep expenses down by using bricks, repurposed pavers, or event logs.

Create contrast by planting pockets of greenery with affordable wood chippings or gravel. Plantain lilies grow in the shadow, creating a chilly, jungle-like atmosphere. You can plant some seasonal flowers to make the path aesthetically pleasing.

Wrapping Up

A muddy backyard is a homeowner’s worst enemy! The good news is that you have many options for covering the dirt in your backyard.

However, before attempting any other solutions that may not suit your specific case, remember to discover what causes the dirt.

Finally, you can get rid of those unsightly muddy areas on your property by using these cheapest ways to cover dirt in backyard. All the best!