Can Your Put Mulch Around a Fire Pit?

  • By: Mike Hale
  • Date: July 29, 2022
  • Time to read: 5 min.

Can you put mulch around a fire pit? Some believe that moist mulch can protect you from the fire around a fire pit, as wet mulch is fire resistant to a certain degree.

With that said, surrounding your fire pit with mulch might not be a great idea. Let’s explore why!

Can You Use Mulch Around a Fire Pit?

It’s not a good idea to use mulch around a fire pit because of the presence of combustible materials in the mulch, which is particularly dangerous during times of drought.

Some people think that using mulch around a fire pit is acceptable. However, it’s best not to throw cigarette butts in mulch or on the ground if you or your visitors smoke.

Maintain a safe distance from mulched garden beds when using candles, fire pits, and fireworks. Maintain an 18-foot distance from the ground and a 10-foot distance from any combustible object while mulching around your fire pit.

According to a study, mulch-cut fires caused $5 million worth of damage and displaced 36 people.

Can you put mulch around a fire pit?

Mulching Alternatives

Here are some alternatives you use can use around the fire pit instead of mulch:

Pavers Made of Concrete or Brick

Brick may be used to adorn the area around the campfire. Your patio will look stunning, and it won’t present a safety hazard either, thanks to the fact that bricks are noncombustible.

Concrete pavers or patio slabs can also be used for surrounding the fire pit. Unlike wood, concrete will not burn and is heavy and sturdy enough to provide stability.

Decomposed Wood Chips

You can also use composted wood chips and a single layer of Tahoe chips, a product similar to what utility tree companies produce. It shows the least harmful fire behavior.

Using pine needles and shredded rubber as mulches are the most hazardous options.

Moisture-Retaining Green Mulch

Moisture-retaining green mulch has some fire-retardant properties. However, cigarette butts may rapidly ignite fires, even in moist mulch. Therefore, it’s important to dispose of them properly.

Also, when using green mulch, regular watering may be necessary.

Can you put mulch around a fire pit?

Rocks and Gravels 

Natural stone, such as pea gravel, river rock, and sand, may be used to enhance any landscape. However, it would be best if you kept a few pebbles out of the vicinity of your fire pit.

When heated, river rocks and other porous rocks can erupt and cause injury. Granite, slate, and marble are some of the toughest and least permeable rocks used for landscaping.


While encasing the fire pit, you can use sand in place of mulch. Because sand is fire-resistant, they provide a peaceful backdrop for accent stones or carefully trimmed plants.

However, keeping sand clean and weed-free needs a lot of work.

Your Fire Pit’s Position

Positioning the fire pit in a safe area is the simplest approach to avoiding a fire tragedy. Location, placement, and direction all have a significant role in preventing a fire tragedy.

This is critical because you might blow embers out of the pit. Any embers that escape will be put out easier because of the fire pit’s placement.

No matter if you’re using a portable fire pit or a permanent fire pit, the location in which you place it and what’s surrounding it are the most important safety considerations.

A Durable Fire Pit

Having a durable and permanent fire pit instead of a movable fire pit is a better option. It can be less expensive than a portable fire pit in some cases.

A permanent fire pit brick is the most highly suggested building material. Using bricks to put out a fire is a safe option. You can also use patio blocks to build the pit.

Make sure you don’t create a permanent fire pit near mulch, as this may easily lead to a wildfire. In most cases, some materials are easily ignited.

The brick fire pit should be 18mm above ground level and at least 10 feet away from nearby buildings or other structures that might interfere with its use.

If you have the room, keep the fire pit at least 25 feet away from the neighbor’s yard. However, they might be in danger if you fail to maintain a distance of 10 feet between them and the permanent fire pit.

It would be best if you did not place a permanent fire pit beneath a porch or low-hanging tree limbs.

It is best to avoid building a fire pit under a wooden deck. You should not place grass and mulch immediately on top of it. It is better to avoid putting it on or around mulch at all costs.

Movable Fire Pit

It is easy for a dog to knock over a portable fire pit that has not been strategically positioned in the backyard. A portable fire pit that is not well-secured in a location might also be stolen in the middle of the night.

To keep your portable fire pit safe, you should secure it and keep it away from anything that might cause it to tip over.

An outdoor fire pit’s location is critical. Make sure the area is free of combustible fire hazards. Make sure the portable fire pit is at least ten feet away from either your own home or the home of your neighbor.

Remove everything within six feet of the portable fire pit and sweep the area well to prepare for the final cleanup step. Even a little fire, if not placed in the appropriate location in your garden, might trigger a catastrophic catastrophe.

You should not set up fire pits on a covered deck or a wooden patio. Keep portable fire pits away from these areas at all costs. Let the fire pit be on a brick deck if you must have one on your deck.

It is recommended that the brick deck is 18mm above the subfloor. Keep the area free of any combustible materials at the same time.

The easiest method to keep a fire pit from destroying your property is to take safety precautions.

Wrapping Up

Fire pits are simple pits carved into the ground. They are designed to contain and control the spread of fire. We hope that we have answered your burning question: “Can you put mulch around a fire pit?”

Mulch includes flammable particles that can easily catch fire, especially during a drought; hence, you cannot use it near a fire pit. You should also keep your fire pit at least 10 feet away from flammable things.