Can You Use a Gas Grill in the Rain? Important Grilling Tips

  • By: Mike Hale
  • Date: July 17, 2022
  • Time to read: 6 min.

Can you use a gas grill in the rain?

If you are a person who loves grilling, you may be wondering about the following question. Can you use a gas grill in the rain? The good news is that, yes, you indeed can use a gas grill in the rain. 

To be successful when it comes to grilling in the rain, you should have a rain jacket on to prevent you from getting soaked, and you should also have someone help you make the process of grilling in the rain much easier.

You need to protect the food from the rain while you are using a gas grill in the rain. This means that you need a person to hold an umbrella over you and the grill. Moreover, you must ensure that the heat of the grill is well maintained. 

Do note that due to the rain’s presence, this can result in the grill becoming cooler. As a result, the cooking time for the food can be longer compared to when you are grilling in good weather.

When you want to grill your food when it is raining outside, it is wise to cut down on the cooking time, especially for hard vegetables and thick meat. You can do this by partially cooking the vegetables and meat with your regular stove or oven. 

Then you can finish the vegetables and meat on the grill for that wonderful grill taste that you love for your food without having to be in the rain for such a long time.

Never use your gas grill in your garage or another enclosed space when it is raining, as this is dangerous. This is because your gas grill excretes carbon monoxide, which becomes hazardous to you in an enclosed space. 

Grilling with your gas grill outside is fine, as the fresh air takes away the carbon monoxide, making it safe to breathe outside when you are grilling.

Gas Grill Cooking

Can you keep a gas grill outside?

Yes, you can keep your gas grill outside. But it is important to do this properly. It would be best to clean your grill after you use it and plan to store your grill outside for a long time before you use the grill again. 

This means that it is necessary to remove all grease and scraps of food from your grill. It is also highly advised to apply cooking oil to metal parts and burners to prevent moisture and rust. It is advised to leave the propane tank attached to the grill, but turn the propane tank off. 

By leaving the tank attached, will prevent insects from infesting the gas line of your grill. Place a cover over your grill for added protection to keep your gas grill in good condition.

Do grill covers prevent rust?

Gas grills can become prone to rust. That is why it is beneficial for you to place a grill cover on your grill after each time of usage. Grill covers offer a high level of protection for your grill when it comes to the prevention of rust. 

This is based on the fact that the grill covers being constructed of a durable and flexible material, which is excellent in preventing ice, rain, or snow from damaging your grill with moisture that leads to rust.

On the other hand, if you reside in an area where there is excessive moisture, then the reality is that sometimes moisture can make its way under the cover. 

That is why you should often dry the cover and the grill if this is the case. Then this will help to prevent rust further. 

While a grill cover may not completely prevent rust in all cases, it will certainly prolong the life of your grill by not allowing it to get rust as easily in comparison to not having the protection of a grill cover.


Should you cover a BBQ in the winter?

When you have a BBQ that you intend to leave outside in the winter, it is necessary to apply a cover for your BBQ. This is because, in the winter, there is much snow and ice that can collect on your grill if it is left unprotected. 

This moisture can certainly cause your grill to rust. But when you use a cover on your grill, the cover aids in repelling the snow and the ice. As a result, a cover is a valuable form of protection for your grill to prevent moisture from causing it to rust. 

Truly, it is smart to use a cover in the winter for your grill so that you can enjoy using your grill for a long time.

Can a gas grill stay outside all year?

When you love grilling, it is great to have a wonderful gas grill that makes your food taste delicious. If you grill throughout the year, the good news is that your gas grill can stay outside all the time. But there are some things that you should do to take care of your grill when it is outside all year.

Be sure to clean your grill when you are done using it. This means that there should be no grease or food particles left behind. In such cases, you will not be using your grill for quite a while and must leave it outside; it is a good idea to apply some cooking oil to any metal parts and the burners and grates of your grill. 

This will help to repel moisture, which means that this serves as a form of rust prevention.

Also, it is preferred that you kept the propane tank attached to your grill. But be sure to turn the propane tank off after each usage. Keeping the propane tank attached to your grill will prevent insects from getting into the gas line attached to your grill. 

Also, always place a cover on your grill after each time of usage to ensure that no moisture, such as rain, snow, or ice, comes directly in contact with your grill, as this will be a good way to prevent your grill from rusting.

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