16 BEST Minecraft Building Ideas You Can Try

  • By: Mike Hale
  • Date: July 17, 2022
  • Time to read: 6 min.

Minecraft is a popular sandbox video game that has taken the world by storm. One of the stunning things about the game is the Minecraft building ideas which will give you the ability to build anything you can imagine, including beautiful gardens! In this blog post, we will share some of our favorite Minecraft garden ideas. Whether you are looking for inspiration for your own backyard or just want to admire the creativity of others, you are sure to find something here!

Top 16 Minecraft Garden Ideas

1. Castle

In Minecraft, castles are a lot of fun to create. What is it about them that makes people want to live in their own castle? Because they’re composed of easy-to-find components like stone and wood, castles are frequently simple to construct. Castles come in a variety of sizes and types.

You can add whatever you want: a wooden gate, a water or lava moat with a bridge, statutes, a small fountain, gardens, and so on.

2. Mansion

In Minecraft survival, constructing a mansion for yourself might be a lot of fun. Make your own bedroom, storage rooms, hallways, magnificent staircases, and more. You may go one step further and build a beautiful fence around your property and create a lovely garden or fountain in front of it. You may easily look up real-life castles to inspire your Minecraft construction after searching online examples of real-life mansions.

Are you intrigued? Look for a naturally built woodland mansion and turn it into your own.

3. Town

Make a Minecraft village by combining a variety of buildings in the same architectural style and connecting them with roads. Consider constructing walls to keep creepers and other mobs out for added safety.

Consider medieval stone and wood or Asian pagodas, among other architectural styles. A vacation spot in the desert with sandstone is another option. Because there are so many structures to add if you’re looking for unique things to construct in Minecraft, a town may keep you occupied.

4. Modern City

A huge task, but it may be quite gratifying if you have a lot of time to work on it. There’s a lot of repetitive construction (for example, constructing many stories on the same skyscraper) so it might not be the greatest thing to construct in survival Minecraft.

This build would be a lot easier in creative mode or with server plugins like WorldEdit to assist. You could always perform this in survival mode with a group of pals if you don’t have the equipment.

5. Farm

Everyone needs a farm in Minecraft to produce their own food and goods. You may build a basic farm with areas for the essentials such as trees and wheat, or you may go all out with an elaborate outdoor farm with a windmill and barn. Another alternative is to make an indoor or subterranean farm, which will be more difficult. To grow crops require light, so you’ll need enough of it from lanterns, torches, or lights.

A glass greenhouse, with natural light used to grow your crops, is a fantastic Minecraft farm idea. Animals and mobs would be kept out by the greenhouse, but it should still be lit up a little so that mobs don’t spawn at night.

6. Garden

Minecraft garden ideas

Gardens look great in most settings, such as a city, your home’s front yard, or even alone. Add flowers, trees, gravel walkways, seats, and water to your garden design to make it more beautiful. Fountains are a fantastic centerpiece for gardens and look pretty cool; it may just be difficult to get the water flowing the way you want them to.

Flowers may be grown in your garden using bonemeal on the grass or found naturally all over the world. Some biomes will have substantially more flowers than others.

7. Famous Landmark Minecraft Build

Look up a photo of a famous landmark on Google website and use it as inspiration for your Minecraft project. For example, the Eiffel Tower, Neuschwanstein Castle, Big Ben, the Statue of Liberty, and so on are some well-known castles. Hint: choose something you observed while traveling a lot.

If you’re into survival Minecraft, consider selecting something a little less detailed or building a smaller replica of the landmark. It might be tough to create survival if there are no flying and infinite block possibilities in the lawn.

8. Fountain

Fountains may be simple or enormous, depending on your needs. They’re a fantastic way to add interest to gardens,a castle courtyard, and even indoors. Make sure the water flow works by using ‘steps’ for it to descend and glowstone or glass within the stream. Water flowing under Mojang’s modifications has made fountain construction more difficult now, and they may need some experimenting to achieve absolute perfection.

You can also use glowstone or Redstone lamps to light up your fountain for added elegance. Blocks like glowstone or Redstone lamps may be used for this. You may even connect it to a day sensor so that the fountain’s illumination only activates at night if you’re using lights.

9. Underground City

If you want to create a city underground, search for a big underground valley or dig out a large hole with TNT. Install windows in the walls, vines on them, and water or lava columns (if desired). This is one that may take some time and effort to complete, especially if you need to dig bigger areas for farms or tree planting.

On a Minecraft server I used to play on, players built an intricate underground “vault” city as part of the game. There were several corridors with doors leading to rooms and a huge atrium with trees and a garden. Secret passageways and apartments may also be constructed. If you enjoy digging, creating something like this might be entertaining!

10. Pyramid

Pyramids are most often built in deserts utilizing sandstone or sand as the base material. They’re a fantastic location to install a signal, and they may also be created in other biomes utilizing various supplies. Decorate the outside of your pyramid with pools, columns, and sphinxes if you want to keep the Egyptian feel.

Even in survival Minecraft, most players can easily construct a pyramid. The construction method is very basic; you simply need to make a really large square and then continue adding squares vertically till you reach the pyramid’s tip.

11. Arch

Arches can be used as a focal point for a settlement, base, or other construction. They’re an enjoyable project to undertake and may be constructed using simple supplies like sandstone or more expensive materials like diamond or gold. They might be a huge, magnificent monument or a tiny doorway to an area.

12. Library

Make a stunning room in your base by creating a structure with wood, red carpets, bookcases, and stained glass. Make that area even more intriguing with pistons to create secret passageways behind the bookcases. For additional inspiration, look at our library design and layout suggestions.

All of your enchanting tables and even potion brewing stands can be found in libraries. Even if you don’t want to create a big library, you may still construct one near your storage place to watch and store enchantings and potions.

13. Cathedral

There are so many magnificent churches and cathedrals in the world, and constructing one in Minecraft may be challenging, especially in survival mode. They can make for a busy and gratifying project, though. Find an image of a famous cathedral online to get ideas while you construct. Also, remember to include stained glass!

14. Fancy Nether Portal

There are no limits to the designs you can create using a Nether portal. Make a beautiful room just for your nether portal, or make an even larger one and fill it with decorations (nether portals may be much larger than normal).

Keeping your nether portal in a separate room will prevent any mobs from passing through it, as an added bonus. For building supplies, I recommend utilizing materials found in the Nether, netherrack, such as quartz, lava, or nether brick. This will ensure that your portal retains its connection to the Nether.

15. Storage Room

Storage rooms are an essential component of any Minecraft home. They may be enormous or tiny, and they can be well-kept or disorganized (if you want!). If you have the resources, use precious materials such as gold, diamond, and emerald to display your wealth in your storage room.

16. Floating Minecraft Build

Floating bases aren’t only for Skyblock; they may be a lot of fun in survival Minecraft, too. construct a big platform in the clouds and start constructing a base. Make sure you have a way to descend safely, such as a jump to a pool of water, a ladder, or slime blocks to fall on.

A floating base high up in the sky can keep you hidden from other players if you play on a PVP server. It’s a great method to maintain seclusion, as long as the base isn’t too enormous!