MTB 36 Inch Wildlife Fire Pit Ring [Review]

  • By: Mike Hale
  • Date: July 17, 2022
  • Time to read: 5 min.

This is a review of MTB 36 Inch Wildlife Fire Pit Ring.

I have always been a nature-lover and spent most of my life exploring the great outdoors. I have decades of experience in camping, so I have decided to give you an in-depth analysis of this fire pit ring.

MTB 36 Inch Wildlife Fire Pit Ring is made of durable steel and fire-safe paint. It is designed to securely contain the fire in your firepit, perfect whether you are camping or just hanging out in the backyard on a chilly night.

MTB Supply Inc. is a wholesale and online retailer which specializes in home and garden items. This fire pit ring is thus a better fit for the backyard firepit rather than the outdoor campfire.

This extensive review of the MTB 36 Inch Wildlife Fire Pit Ring will go through all aspects of its feature, structure, and accessibility. I hope you will find it easier to decide whether this fire pit ring is the right one for you.

MTB Wildlife Fire Pit

MTB 36 Inch Wildlife Fire Pit Ring Overview

MTB 36 Inch Wildlife Fire Pit Ring is a steel ring made to enclose your firepit. This very durable ring is sure to save your campfire’s surroundings from any fire hazards. The ring has a wildlife design featuring deer and trees to complement the soothing outdoor environment.

The fire pit ring comes in pieces to be assembled. This makes the product easily portable. The metal body is longlisting and can withstand fire for years.

However, the paint and the metal contents contain chemicals known to cause cancer, congenital disabilities, or other reproductive harm. It is best to use it only for a campfire. I highly suggest that you leave any food or drinks out of contact with the product.

This fire pit ring is mostly suitable for any outdoor gathering. 

Feature Analysis

36 Inches In Diameter

The ring is also 12 inches tall. Thus, it is on the larger side. It is perfect for a large gathering and sitting closer to the fire.

Made For Wood Fire

The fire pit ring securely contains the wood fire. However, it may be destroyed or create risks of a fire in other fire sources like coal or glass.

Resistance To Rust

The MTB 36 Inch Wildlife Fire Pit Ring is durable because of its rust-resistant metal. It may not be a perfect fit for bigger fires of higher temperatures.

Six-piece Design

The fireplace ring comes in six separate pieces with screws and wrenches. This makes it easier to disassemble and move to places.  

Aesthetic Wildlife Design

There is a steel mesh featuring deer and trees on the fireplace ring. This makes it suit perfectly with your backyard’s aesthetics.

Rigid Structure

The firepit ring is made to fit your pit perfectly. The structure is very straight and rigid, giving it no flexibility. It is very likely to tip over in any rough outdoor terrain.


The MTB 36 Inch Wildlife Fire Pit Ring comes at only $41.48, making it absolutely affordable. With most fireplace rings costing over seventy dollars, this one is on the cheaper side.

The durability of the ring is appreciable compared to the price. However, it cannot withstand higher temperature fires.

Ease Of Assembly

MTB Supply Inc very proudly mentions the easy to assemble feature of the ring. However, the process may seem challenging for most first-time users.

The hexagonal shape surely makes the assembly process quick and easy. The structural integrity is not as satisfying compared to the circular rings.

Outdoor Use

The MTB 36 Inch Wildlife Fire Pit Ring is not fit for outdoor use. I don’t recommend using it while camping because of its various challenges:

  • Meager heat resistance
  • Unsafe for cooking
  • No adjustable base
  • Lack of flexibility in structure

This can be a potential fire risk. So it is best used only for backyard use.

Remember, MTB Supply Inc only provides home and garden essentials and decorations. Their product is designed for gentle garden use rather than the rough and unpredictable outdoors.

Pros And Cons

Very affordableComparatively less durable
It can be disassembled for portabilityHard to assemble
Aesthetically pleasingNot safe for grilling or roasting food
The rigid structure fits perfectly with a stone or brick fire pitThe structure cannot adjust to the rough outdoor terrain
Sunnydaze Firepit


If the MTB 36 Inch Wildlife Fire Pit Ring does not sound right up your alley, you may consider the following alternative choices.

Sunnydaze 36 Inch Fire Pit Ring/Liner

Sunnydaze offers an amazing alternative to the MTB Wildlife Fire Pit Ring. It is the same size and has similar ease of assembly.

It has a very plain surface lacking any design. It is recommended if you are looking for a heavy-duty alternative

ANDGOAL 36 Inch Heavy Duty Fire Pit Ring

AndGoal may be the right substitute for you if you are looking for a heavy-duty alternative without upping the budget.

This fire pit ring has some similar features to the MTB Wildlife Fire Pit Ring in terms of ease of assembly, design and material. Additionally, it is safe for inserting cooking grates. 

Pleasant Hearth Solid Steel Fire Ring

This alternative option from Pleasant Hearth is perfect for those looking for a permanent ring in the backyard firepit.

The steel ring is very durable, but not made to be disassembled. So I recommend it if your priority is long-term static use rather than portability or traveling use.


I recommend the MTB 36 Inch Wildlife Fire Pit Ring if you are looking for an affordable yet aesthetically pleasing ring for your backyard fire pit. For outdoor activities like camping, this ring will not do the job perfectly.

It is the perfect product if you are on a budget. However, if you can invest more in a fire pit ring, you may find the alternatives a better option.

MTB Supplier Inc recommends that you keep food and drinks away from the ring. So it may not be the best fit if you are looking forward to putting a grill on your fire or even just making smores by the fire.

If MTB 36 Inch Wildlife Fire Pit Ring sounds like the perfect fire pit ring for you, you can buy it here on Amazon.