How To Stop Birds From Chirping Outside Your Window

  • By: Mike Hale
  • Date: July 17, 2022
  • Time to read: 5 min.

Do people love the sound of chirping birds? Especially the breezy morning after a rainy night. Some say the melodies can be calming. I’m not very particular about chirping birds. I guess it all depends on my mood. 

As there are people who enjoy the sound of singing birds, some can’t stand it. Not that they have some psychological disorder or something of the sort. They just can’t stand the sound because it is rather disturbing to them. 

For those who don’t enjoy the flying animal’s melodies, here’s how to stop birds from chirping outside your window. 

Stopping birds from chirping outside your window is something that’s beyond your control. Nonetheless, there are things you could do to increase the odds of stopping them from coming to your window like scaring them or calling the bird control to help you.

Keep reading to find out. 

Bird on branch

How Do You Stop A Bird From Chirping

Birds chirping is like a human talking. It’s a biological switch that they can’t turn off. Especially when it’s a mating season, or they’re alerting other birds in the environment of some danger in sight. 

I’d be sharing different steps you could take if you want to stop birds from chirping outside your window. They are as follows: 

1. Don’t Allow Them From The Onset

If you can spot the birds outside your window for the first time, I’d advise that you get them away from there immediately. Please do not allow them to spend the night by your window. It would get difficult the longer they stay. 

I’m sure the birds that are currently signing outside your window felt accommodated; that’s why they are there till this moment. Once you’ve successfully made this bird stopped singing, you might need to prepare adequately going forward. 

2. Is There Something Keeping Them By Your Window? If Yes, You Might Need To Alter It

I tend to feed birds when I see them singing outside my window. It’s a habit I can’t help. I repeatedly fed only one bird for about a week, and barely two days after, there were more birds. My guess is the bird I fed invited his/her friends over. 

Unlike me, you might not enjoy the sounds they make, so you definitely shouldn’t try feeding them. If you’re bothered by just one bird, imagine if there were about 20 birds at your window? It’s not a sight you’d want to see. 

In your case, it might not be feeding. Is there a shade close to your window? Has the bird built a nest somewhere around your home? If yes, can you spot it and try to get rid of it? I suggest you use a long stick to achieve this. You wouldn’t want to get yourself hurt in the process of birds chasing.

3. Be a Little Dramatic 

Another reason why the birds are hanging around your window is that they find it peaceful. If you’d be willing to go the distance, this point might help you get rid of the birds sooner than you expected. 

Step 1 is to Try loud music. Put your speakers close to the window and create a playlist of about 7-10 fast-tempo songs that are pretty loud. Before you do this, ensure you’re not breaking any community laws regarding sound pollution. 

Once the playlist is good to go, turn the volume up and watch it work. Some birds are stubborn, so you might need to repeat this process a few times before noticing any significant difference. 

Step 2 is to mimic scary birds and hope the bird would be scared. If this backfires, the bird might assume another bird in the house implies that your building is a safe zone. The key is to be as scary as possible. 

4.  Start Working Out

This is more like a survival tip. Just in case you’re unable to get rid of the bird with the previous points, you might have to find a way around it. My suggestion is you start working out. 

When you exercise, your body becomes stressed out. This makes you sleep deeply. If you’re sound asleep, you might not hear the birds again until you’re up in the morning. If you do this consistently, you might totally forget about the bird somewhere along the line. 

5. Call Bird Control 

Calling bird control does not mean you’ve given up. It’s just a way to hasten the process of getting back your ability to sleep peacefully. If they can’t come down to help you handle your bird situation, they should have some suggestions that might be effective. 

What Can You Put On Your Window To Keep Birds From Hitting It?

Having birds sing all night long might not be as frustrating as having them hit your window. The worst part is they might do this at awkward hours, which makes it creepy and exhausting. 

Are you thinking of a way out? Would you give anything to have those birds stop hitting your window immediately? You’re in luck because the steps below have worked like a charm. 

Clear The Window Area

If there’s something the birds can see from the window, that might be making them hit it aggressively? Try moving things around and see if it makes any difference. If they stop hitting the window after a while, that’s a win for you. If not, you might have to try the next point below. 

Put Up An Edited Picture Of An Animal That Birds Are Scared Of

It’s a proven fact that birds are scared of cats. How about a picture of a mean-looking cat close to your window? You might need to put some light effects to make it look realistic. 

You could also put two or three cat dolls by the window to scare them off. 

Lastly, Try Bird Spikes 

If they can’t play around the window slab, they probably would find it difficult to hit your window over and over. Spikes would create a layer of security that the birds would not be able to bypass. This step would put an end to your run-ins with the singing animals. 


Having issues with birds can affect your general functionality. If you’re unable to sleep because of the noise that the birds make, you might become cranky. When you’re grumpy, you tend to lash out at everything. 

Don’t put yourself in that situation. Try all the steps listed above. I can guarantee that at least one would be effective.