Do You Need Fire Brick For Fire Pit

  • By: Mike Hale
  • Date: July 17, 2022
  • Time to read: 3 min.

When you plan to build a fire brick, you must collect the right materials to make the fireplace efficient. An ideal fire pit must retain most of the heat and should not absorb water. Otherwise, if it does, you will likely end up with an explosion after some time. Bricks that absorb water are not the best. Such absorbed water is converted into steam upon being heated and could result in a huge explosion when they escape. Luckily, not all bricks absorb water. This is the reason why fire bricks are the best when making a fire Pit.

You will need to use fire bricks when building a fire pit because they do not absorb water. So they are unlikely to lead to an explosion. The bricks are non-porous and good for fire pits.  Even when it rains, it will allow you to light and enjoy the warmth regardless of the moisture level in the air.

Of course, some people will want to use regular bricks when building a fire pit, but such bricks will crack when exposed to water.  They will also form cracks when exposed to excess heat, even though you can prevent the cracks by inserting metals into the layers. Here are reasons why you must use fire bricks when constructing a fire pit.

Fire Brick

Do you need to use fire brick when building a fire pit?

Firstly, fire bricks do not expand. So they eliminate the likelihood of exploding when air escapes. Bricks that absorb moisture will either crack or explode when the temperature rises. The reason is that water and air expand when exposed to heat. As a result, they force the bricks to crack or expand as the air escapes.

Secondly, normal bricks will shatter when exposed to intense heat. Besides, they will shoot sharp shards, which are likely to injure people sitting around the fire. But when you build a fire pit using fire bricks, no such sharp shards will be released.

Thirdly, the regular bricks will crumble when exposed to intense heat. It will ruin your pit, meaning you will need to spend some money repairing or building a new pit.

How many bricks do you need for a fire pit?

When you decide to construct your own fire pit, you will want to collect the materials to construct the fire pit. You need about 150 bricks to construct the pit. However, not all of them need to be fire bricks. A combination of the normal bricks and the fire bricks could do.  You will typically need about 120 pieces of face bricks and about 30 fire bricks to complete the job. The other material you may need include 36’’ cardboard concrete, 400 lb of mortar, 48 in cardboard concrete, a tuckpointing tool, 20 ft of rebar

Best fire bricks for a fire pit

There are plenty of fire bricks you may choose to build your fire pit. They range from Budding to Rutland bricks.

Budding bricks

Budding bricks are quality bricks that can allow you to enjoy the warmth of the fire pit for many years. They measure 9’’x4.5×1.25 and can withstand temperatures of up to 2000 degrees. 

Pizza stone

Pizza stones are heavy-duty stones that could be used to construct a fire pit. They are normally used in constructing ovens even though they can suitably be used to construct a fire pit.

Rutland Firebox

Rutland Firebox is an intermediate brick you can use to build a new fireplace. You may also choose to line your fire pit with bricks because they can withstand extremely high temperatures. They measure about 9’ x 4.5’ x 1.25’ and are designed to withstand up to 2700 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, they have been tested and found to be capable of serving the needs of homeowners. They are ideal for building fireplaces and furnaces

Are fire bricks necessary in a fire pit?

Yes, using fire bricks when constructing a fire pit is necessary because they enhance the pit’s quality.  Firstly, these bricks do not absorb water. It means that they cannot shatter or explode when the moisture tries to escape. Secondly, they are vitrified and designed for a fire pit environment.

What can you use instead of firebrick? 

Firebricks are the best because they can withstand immense heat. But if they are unavailable, you can use the following options: