How Do You Decide Which Patio Furniture is the Best?

  • By: Mike Hale
  • Date: April 5, 2022
  • Time to read: 5 min.

Patio furniture adds beauty and personality to your patio and backyard area and encourages you to spend more time outdoors with nature. There is no doubt that your patio will become your second family room during the warmer seasons if you have a comfortable set of patio furniture.

If you have been considering buying furniture for your patio, don’t be tempted to get indoor furniture simply because of the lower price and better design. We recommend buying only patio furniture because it is made to withstand weather conditions like rain, snow, and sunlight. While you can weatherproof your indoor furniture, it requires a lot of effort.

However, finding comfortable, functional, and long-lasting patio furniture is hard. You might be wondering which patio furniture is the best.  Well, the answer depends on your preferences, taste, and many other factors. This guide will provide you with all the necessary information and tips you need to choose your outdoor area’s best patio furniture.

which patio furniture is best

Tips for Choosing Patio Furniture

Patio furniture needs to have certain essential qualities that will allow it to last longer. Here are some tips you should keep in mind when browsing for the best patio furniture for your outdoor living area:

1. Inspect the Quality

Unlike indoor furniture, outdoor patio furniture will be more prone to roughhousing. It will have to withstand extreme weather conditions. Hence, the quality of the furniture should be your utmost priority. Inspect each piece with a keen eye before choosing patio furniture for yourself. A higher price often indicates good quality.

2. Determine Your Needs

Before beginning your quest to finding the right patio furniture, it is essential that you first assess your needs. If you want the furniture to quickly move and stack or hang, then getting plastic or aluminum patio furniture would be a better option for you.

However, suppose you want a permanent fixture in your patio or something similar to your indoor furniture. In that case, wooden or stainless steel furniture is what you are looking for. Here is some more information about the common types of materials for patio furniture:

Aluminum or Plastic: These are an excellent option for those who cannot regularly maintain their patio furniture. They are rustproof, lightweight, and comparatively inexpensive to other types of materials.

Stainless Steel or Iron: Patio furniture made from these materials is heavy-duty and durable. However, it is prone to rust if not maintained regularly. Here is how you can clean your metal patio furniture to prevent it from rusting.

Wood: Another great option is wooden patio furniture, which looks good, is sturdy, and comfortable. With a regular coat of preservatives, you can expect them to last for several seasons.

3. Look for Flexible Patio Furniture

The best patio furniture is also versatile. This means it can be used in multiple ways. So, it would help if you used this principle when searching for patio furniture. Here are some examples of flexible patio furniture you can consider:

  • Umbrellas which you can move
  • Dividers to place for privacy which can also be used as plant holders
  • Collapsible tables, which can be used when more guests arrive
  • Benches which can be used as seats or tables

4. Get Good Value for Money

The best patio furniture will be one that doesn’t put a dent in your wallet and is of the best quality. To find such furniture, watch out for sales. Outdoor furniture frequently comes on sale and can be bought at less than 50% of the original price. However, sales usually arrive after the holidays and when the summer season ends. These sales can often be found at large departmental stores because they need to clear out their existing stock to make room for new furniture. You can buy the patio furniture and store it in the basement or garage until the warm weather arrives.

5. Design of the Patio Furniture

The patio furniture you buy should have a design and color that integrates well with your overall interior and exterior of your home. Since your patio is the extension of your indoor area, it should be of a similar type and design. For example, if you have a contemporary or rustic design indoors, your patio furniture should have the same contemporary or rustic layout. This simple trick will definitely make your entire home aesthetically appealing.

6. Look Out for Plushy Cushions

Cushions are an integral part of the patio furniture you keep despite what type of furniture you are buying. Your patio furniture should be the ultimate comfort area for you to lounge in. Opt for bigger and softer cushions, perhaps with polyester filler. Please make sure the cushions you get are stain-resistant and free from moisture in case it rains. The trick to find one which is free of moisture is finding a lightweight cushion. Additionally, look for cushions with spring as they are more durable and will hold their shape for longer.

Bonus Tips

  • Get furniture with shade.
  • Get portable pieces
  • Add outdoor rugs for comfort and color. Use the ones which are weather and water-resistant.
  • Check the chairs of the patio furniture to make sure the legs are strong and sturdy.
  • Opt for the furniture which has stainless steel screws
  • Check to make sure the legs of the furniture have rubber or plastic feet.
  • Measure your patio and backyard to see what size furniture you require so that it does not look too big or too small

Mistakes to Avoid

  • Please don’t end up buying furniture simply because it is cheap. Patio furniture that costs more is more durable, long-lasting, and sturdy.
  • If you have a wooden deck where you want to place the furniture, make sure the legs are not too skinny as they will sink into the deck.
  • Consider all the pros and cons of the materials based on the weather and climate of your area.
  • Get waterproof patio furniture.

Final Words

In short, the best patio furniture promises quality and comfort and meets your needs, price range, material, and design preferences. We hope you now know which patio furniture is the best for you. If you want help narrowing down your options, consider these best patio furniture sets.

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