The 4 Best Single Stage Snow Blowers Reviewed

  • By: Mike Hale
  • Date: July 17, 2022
  • Time to read: 6 min.

“Winter is coming.” However, if you have the best single stage snow blower, your nights won’t be dark and full of terror. Sorry, we just had to include a Game of Thrones reference. Shoveling snow can be a lot of work, and it is also dangerous. 

That is why purchasing a snow blower is very necessary. There are two main types of snow blowers single-stage and two-stage. The type of snow blower you go for will depend on how much it snows in your region, your landscape and the terrain of your compound.   

Since there are numerous brands available in the market, you might be confused about which to go for. Well, you are in the right place. Unlike John Snow, we do know a thing or two about snow blowers. Sorry, that is the last game of thrones reference. This article will highlight the difference between the two main types of snow throwers and review some of the best single-stage blowers available in the market.

Why go for a single stage snow blower

First thing first, what’s the difference between single-stage and two-stage snow blowers? Put simply, the main difference between the two is that a two stage blower is a much stronger piece of equipment in comparison to a single stage machine. 

It’s like comparing a pick-up truck to a box truck. While a box truck can carry more load than a pick-up truck, you don’t really need it for personal use. Single-stage snow blowers are best suited for smaller jobs like short driveways, sidewalks, and walkways. 

This is because they are lighter, compact, and easier to handle. However, they are unsuitable if you get more than 10 inches of snow. So if you live in Minnesota, you might want to skip out on this one. 

On the other hand, two-stage snow blowers are more massive and are great if you have long wide, or hilly driveways and average snowfall in your area exceeds 8 inches. Additionally, they can be used over gravel and throw wet snow more easily. 

Despite two-stage snow blowers being more massive, the average person doesn’t need all that firepower. If you want to save a few bucks and it doesn’t snow that much in your area, go for a single-stage snow blower.

Our Favorite Single Stage Snow Blowers

Before concluding which products to recommend, we considered several technical features such as power source (gas or electric), motor power, snow clearing rate, cutting depth, auger and blades. Therefore, you can be sure that all the products we will highlight have been keenly vetted. Our top picks include:

Overall Best Pick: Snow Joe 24V-X2-SB18 48-Volt iON+ Cordless Snow Blower Kit

When looking to buy snow blowers, it is hard not to trust a company called Snow Joe. This blower, in particular, ticks all the boxes from affordability to functionality. It is a battery-powered single stage snow blower with a 1200- Watt brushless motor that can throw as much as 14 tons of snow per charge. 

Since it has a 24-Volt lithium-ion battery system with two 4.0 Ah batteries when fully charged, it can provide you with up to 40 minutes of runtime. I doubt it will take you that long to clear your driveway.

Another impressive feature is the adjustable chute. The chute of this can rotate up to 180º while throwing snow up to 20 ft. away in any direction you want. This way, you are in control of where the snow will land. 

The four blades are also made of durable steel and won’t be damaged by slight contact with stones. As you can recall, we mentioned that most single-stage blowers could not handle snow that is more than 8 inches deep. However, this bad boy right here can comfortably throw snow that is 10 inches deep and 18 inches wide. 

Snow Joe also offers an impressive warranty that lasts up to two years. If you are looking for an all-rounded snow blower, this is your best bet.

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Best Gas Snow Blower: PowerSmart Snow Blower, 21 inch Single Stage Gas Snow Blower

Most single-stage snow blowers are electric. However, if you want a gas blower, this product from PowerSmart is your best bet. The main advantage of gas single-stage blowers is that they are more powerful, and also, their runtime is more. 

This snow blower, in particular, comes with a 196cc OHV engine that ensures optimal performance. It can easily clear out snow up to 13-inches deep. This is very impressive when compared to electric counterparts. Additionally, it has a wide clearing width of 21 inches and can throw snow up to 25 Ft. away.

Like most products on our list, the Chute can rotate up to 180 degrees giving you more control over where to blow the snow. Due to its big engine, this blower is very versatile and can be used for both residential and commercial purposes. 

The manufacturer has also taken a lot of precautions when it comes to safety. Immediately you release the handlebar grips, it quickly stops the spinning auger and impeller. While gas snow blowers are more powerful, they are also a bit expensive. So keep that in mind. 

However, if you are looking for a single-stage snow blower that will give you almost the same power as dual-stage blowers, this can be a great pick for you.

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Most Affordable: Snow Joe SJ620 Electric Single Stage Snow Thrower

When it comes to selecting cheaper products, the rule of thumb always goes for a top brand. This is because the quality is usually good. The only limitation is you will miss out on a few features. That is why we have gone for this snow thrower from Snow Joe. 

In terms of functionality, this blower ideal for any mid-sized driveways and walkways. It is electric and comes with a powerful 13.5 amp motor capable of moving 650 lbs of snow per minute. Additionally, it can move snow that is up to 10 inches deep, which is more than the average for a single stage snow blower.

You also get other exciting features such as an adjustable chute that rotates 180° and can throw snow up to 20 Ft. It also has a 4-blade steel auger that can stretches up to 18 inches wide. 

Lastly, since it has a corded electric design, you can forget about dead batteries or running out of gas. Just connect it to your power source, and you are good to go.

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Most Powerful: Briggs & Stratton 1022ER 22-Inch Single-Stage Snow Blower with Push Button Electric Start and Remote Chute Rotation Crank

If you thought the PowerSmart blower was powerful, wait until you hear the features of this snow thrower from Briggs & Stratton. Just as you have guessed, it is gas-powered; however, it has a push-button electric start. 

The electric start is meant to ensure that you can use it even in the harshest winter conditions since starting it is seamless even when it is 20 degrees below zero. The feature that makes this machine powerful is its huge engine of 208cc.

Another cool feature about this beast is the chute. Unlike all other products on our list, this bad boy’s chute can rotate up to 200°. To rotate it, just use the remote chute rotation handle mounted on the thrower’s main handle. You can also quickly adjust the height and distance you want your snow to be thrown. 

If you are looking for a compact, easy to maneuver and sturdy single-stage snow blower, then this should be on top of your list.

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Throwing snow using a shovel can take ages, and it’s also perilous. That is while you need to invest in a single stage snow blower. Your needs and also your budget will determine the type of snow blower you go for. 

If you are looking to remove snow from stairs, a porch, or a small walkway, check out our electric snow shovel review and guide.

We believe that all of the recommended products are the best and can offer you the best value for money.