Pilot Rock Campfire Ring [Review]

  • By: Mike Hale
  • Date: July 17, 2022
  • Time to read: 5 min.

This is a review of Pilot Rock Campfire Ring.

I always enjoy camping, but the logistics of it may not always be enjoyable. So, I have used my decades of experience to research all things camping-related so you can have a smooth camping experience. I have done thorough research on the Pilot Rock Campfire Ring for the perfect campfire.

 Pilot Rock Campfire Rings are perfect for outdoor use, whether you’re in a campsite in the middle of a forest or just planning to build your own fire pit in the backyard.

 Pilot Rock products designed and manufactured by the R.J. Thomas Mfg. Co. Inc. are all made for the best outdoor experience. They provide quality park, street and camping furnishing all over the U.S and many other countries. There is no doubt the Pilot Rock Campfire Rings are suitable for any outdoor fire.

In this review, I will do an in-depth analysis of all the features, the price, and the suitability of use of the Pilot Rock Campfire Ring. I will also compare the pros and cons to help you decide whether it is the right choice for you.

Pilot Rock Campfire Ring Overview

Pilot Rock Campfire Ring has multiple series of campfire rings, made to tailor to all sorts of needs. It encloses the fire with its thick steel-plated body. The ring has a classic circular shape.

The campfire rings give your campfire a very natural classic look while keeping your surroundings and the wilderness safe from fire hazards.

Every series can accommodate adjustable cooking grates and contains materials safe for your food. The various anchor systems like pin, bracket, and angle spade anchors make sure your ring is secure no matter which ground you are building your campfire.

The Pilot Rock Campfire Rings come in the following series: 

  1. Accessible Campfire Rings
  2. FA Series Campfire Rings
  3. FS Series Campfire Rings
  4. FSW Series Campfire Rings
  5. FSW SNOW LOAD Rated Swivel Grate Campfire Rings
  6. FSWBH Backyard Firering Or Firepit Insert
  7. FSWS Series Stainless Steel Campfire Rings
  8. L-32 Multilevel Campfire Rings
  9. O-34 Large Group Campfire Rings
  10. Octa-Ring Firepit Insert

I will review the Pilot Rock 30″ Commercial Park Campfire Ring of the FSWBH series.

SunnyDaze Crossweave Fire pit

Feature Analysis

The Pilot Rock 30″ Commercial Park Campfire Ring comes with a cooking grate like most fire pit rings offered by the company. Besides, these have very durable metal plating which is perfect for both garden and camping use.

I will go through each of the specifications of the fire pit ring to help you understand its compatibility.

Swivel Grate

The ring comes with a 300 sq. inch single-level grate which moves 180 degrees. It helps you take your cooking grate on and off the fire easily and safely.

Bolt-On Handle

The cooking grate swiveling handle is made at the perfect angle for your convenience. This makes sure that the handle is never over the fire.

3/16″ Thick Steel Plate

The ring is made with a metal plate thick enough to handle high temperatures. There is a 1″ wide flange around the top edge to provide extra strength against heat warpage.

30” Inside Diameter

The ring is on the smaller side. It is 7-3/8” tall. Besides, the packaging of the Pilot Rock 30″ Commercial Park Campfire Ring does not include any anchor pins. So it functions better as a fire pit insert than a fire ring.

High Temp Enamel Paint

This specific model comes only in black. The paint is nontoxic which is ideal for cooking on the fire pit. However, the paint is of a thicker consistency which creates bumps and drips, giving it a less than perfect look.


Pilot Rock 30″ Commercial Park Campfire Ring costs $239.99 and has monthly payment plans. It is quite an expensive product. I will suggest opting for a more affordable alternative if this is your first time building a fire pit.

The extraordinary features of the campfire ring justify the price. For frequent outdoor gatherings, the higher price will very easily pay off.

Ease Of Use

I have found no portability features. Pilot Rock 30″ Commercial Park Campfire Ring is a one-piece ring that is fully welded together. This makes the uses of the ring very limited.

The ring, along with the cooking grate, is a perfect backyard accessory for any outdoor parties. However, the very short height of the ring makes it hard to use on the ground.

With the absence of any feature to help you carry it, this does not make a good fit for camping. The heavy-duty, thus, may not be a necessary feature of the product.

It is ideal for inserting in your backyard round fire pit pre-constructed from landscape blocks


Pilot Rock FA-30 Campfire Ring

Offered by the same company, this campfire ring is a better choice if your priority is portability rather than durability.

An earlier series of Pilot Rock Campfire Rings has fewer features and a lower cost. For occasional camping, this may prove to be more useful.

Sunnydaze Crossweave Fire Pit Campfire Ring

Sunnydaze has a cheaper catalog, the perfect place to look if you are on a budget.

This ring covers almost all the features of the Pilot Rock 30″ Commercial Park Campfire Ring at less than half the price. It also lacks the portability features but can be used as an alternative fire pit insert.

Pros And Cons



Heavy duty

Very expensive

Comes with a swiveling cooking grate

No portability feature

Can withstand high temperatures

Too short for campfires

Very strong and durable

Works best only as a fire pit insert


I recommend Pilot Rock 30″ Commercial Park Campfire Ring if you are a pro camper. If you have built fire pits before, and you are looking for an upgrade, this is surely the right campfire ring for you.

This has a high chance of exceeding your budget. So I do not recommend it if you are using your fire pit rarely. The finishing of the product is also designed for frequent use rather than aesthetics.

It is very heavy and has no portability features. So this is the best for anyone looking forward to a heavy-duty campfire ring for a pre-built fire pit. 

If Pilot Rock 30″ Commercial Park Campfire Ring is the ideal model for you, you can buy it here on Amazon