Are Infinity Pools Dangerous?

  • By: Mike Hale
  • Date: July 17, 2022
  • Time to read: 5 min.

Swimming pools come in different shapes and designs as there are plenty of creative looks that pools can take. In that regard, infinity pools are becoming quite popular because of how they look luxurious enough especially when designed and situated in the right spot. Then again, because of the very design of an infinity pool, you might be wondering how safe they are. So, are infinity pools dangerous?

Infinity pools are not dangerous as long as they are designed perfectly where there is a catch basin for the water that falls over the edge. So, in a sense, infinity pools are just as safe as normal pools are because of the very fact that the catch basin is there to catch you if you do intend to climb over the edge.

The main selling point of an infinity pool is the zero edge that can be found at one of the sides of the pool. That means that it gives an illusion that the pool is endless, but that has made people think that this pool could actually be dangerous. However, infinity pools are not dangerous and are just as safe as any other pool as long as you understand how they are supposed to be designed and that they are actually designed according to what infinity pools should be.

Infinity Pool

Are infinity pools suitable for your backyard?

When it comes to having a pool installed in your backyard, there are plenty of different designs that you can choose from depending on what you are going to use the pool for and on how luxurious you want the pool to look. That said, in terms of luxury, there aren’t a lot of swimming pools that are as luxurious as an infinity pool.

The thing about the infinity pool is that it has a zero edge design where one side of a pool seems like an endless edge. This means that, while the pool is constructed in the same way as any other pool on the other sides, there is at least one side where the pool has an endless side that gives an optical illusion that the pool is right over the edge. As such, it will seem as if you will end up falling over a cliff when you go over that edge.

So, because of the very design of an infinity pool, it has become quite the favorite when it comes to homes that want to add a bit of luxury to their homes. However, is it really possible to have an infinity pool installed in your backyard?

Yes, it is very much possible for you to have an infinity pool installed in your backyard. However, the problem here is that this is going to be very difficult to pull off especially due to the design of the pool itself.

Infinity pools are easier to pull off on yards that have a natural slope because you are going to have the pool build on that slope so that the pool will have that “endless edge”. So, if your property doesn’t have that slope, it would be very difficult for the pool to be built on your property.

For backyards that are not naturally sloped, the infinity pool needs to be built partially above ground so that an edge will be created. Meanwhile, there should be a strengthening structure build under the pool so that the ground would be able to handle the design of the infinity pool. This means that, while infinity pools are indeed possible in backyards, they are very difficult to build and may end up becoming expensive. As such, you will only usually find infinity pools built on high-end properties or on top of buildings.

Are infinity pools dangerous?

Now that you have a good idea of what infinity pools are, you are probably wondering whether or not these pools are actually safe. After all, if you look at the design of an infinity pool, these pools have a zero edge look that will make it seem like there is at least one side that is “infinite” in the sense that it is an overlooking edge. So, are infinity pools dangerous?

No, infinity pools are not dangerous as they are completely safe. They are just as safe as ordinary pools are in the sense that there is no element of danger in relation to how they are designed. This means that the only real danger in relation to these pools is the possibility of drowning, which is the same element of danger in all of the other pools as well.

The reason why infinity pools are not dangerous is due to how they are designed to have a catch basin right under the zero edge. This catch basin is there to catch any of the water that splashes over the zero edge so that the area at the bottom of the edge won’t end up getting wet. If you imagine building an infinity pool on top of the building but it doesn’t have a catch basin, the water would simply overt the edge and will drench anything or anyone at the bottom of the edge. The catch basin is there to make sure that the water won’t end up getting wasted when it falls over the edge.

So, if you do manage to go over the edge of an infinity pool, you won’t end up falling over it. Instead, you’ll just simply find yourself in the catch basin. That means that infinity pools are just as safe as any other pool is. Infinity pools are not as dangerous as they may look at as the “endless” zero edge design simply uses optical illusion to make it look like you will be falling over the edge when you try to go over it.

Lady in a Infinity Pool

What is so special about infinity pools?

At this point, you already know more about infinity pools and how safe they are. Then again, you may be wondering why these pools are more expensive than the others. What makes infinity pools so special?

For starters, the endless edge of an infinity pool gives it an element of luxury that other pool designs don’t have. That’s because it seems like you are swimming over the top of something and that you are basically looking over the horizon while you are in the pool. Meanwhile, infinity pools built on beachfront properties will make the pool look like it goes straight to the sea because of the zero edge design.

The second reason why infinity pools are special is due to how difficult they are to pull off. You would need to build the pool on a sloped surface so that the pool will have that zero edge design that makes it special and luxurious. This means that, if the pool isn’t built over a cliff or on the edge of a property, you’d have to spend more money to give it that sloped design.

All that said, an infinity pool is an amazing pool to have because of how it is designed to be luxurious and very aesthetically pleasing. Just make sure that you do have the right kind of property and the budget for the pool.