Can Patio Rugs Get Wet? Our Practical Guide To Outdoor Rugs

  • By: Mike Hale
  • Date: July 17, 2022
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Are Outdoor Rugs OK In The Rain?

Using an outdoor rug is one of the best ways to give your patio or any other outdoor space a new look and feel. It not only adds a style statement to your space but also offers protection and personalization. In this article, we are answering all your doubts regarding the use of outdoor rugs.

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Can patio rugs get wet?

The answer depends on the material and quality of your rug. Generally, the outdoor rugs are designed to withstand weather and outdoor environments, including winter, sun, and rain.

While some rugs can withstand splashes and sprays, a few can’t handle the same and get ruined. So, if you want your rug to withstand rains, buy the one made from light and easy to dry material. You can also get a waterproof outdoor rug.

Are outdoor rugs ok in the rain?

Can You Leave Outdoor Rugs Outside?

That’s pretty obvious. An outdoor rug is meant for your outdoor space, your patio, decks and even lawns sometimes. You can definitely leave them outside, in fact this is what they’re designed for. These rugs are different from indoor rugs that need to be kept dry and clean and are generally high maintenance.

Outdoor rugs on the other hand are low maintenance, they can withstand, heat, snow, rain and other outdoor environmental conditions. But can you leave them outside all the time or throughout the year? The answer depends on the quality and material of your rug.

If your rug is made from a material that can’t withstand certain environmental conditions such as snow or rain, it’s better to roll it up and keep it inside until the weather becomes friendly again. You can know this by reading the user manual of your rug.

What Is The Best Type of Outdoor Rug?

The best type of outdoor rug is the one that can withstand the common outdoor conditions such as dirt, debris, snow, rains, sun etc. It should be easy to clean, low maintenance, able to handle high traffic and of course durable. Such types of rugs are typically crafted using synthetic materials.

Below are some of the best outdoor rug materials :


Suitable For: Rainy and humid climate

Polypropylene is one of the most common outdoor rug materials. It is easy to clean, stain-proof, doesn’t fade from the sun, handles high traffic, and lasts for years. These rugs give a very natural fiber feel but at a much affordable cost.

However, they contain chemicals that make them highly inflammable. For this reason, these should be kept away from furnaces, fire pits, and outdoor grills.


Suitable For: Dry Climates

Polyester is another great outdoor rug material. It is stain and Fade-resistant, so you can use it during hot summers without worrying about the fading of its appearance. The best part is, these rugs are available in a wide range of colors and designs, you can get one according to your exteriors.

Polyester outdoor rugs are durable and last for years. The only issue with these rugs is, oil-based stains on them are harder to clean. Hence, avoid them in dining and cooking areas.


Suitable For: Heavy Traffic Areas

Nylon is known for its strength, hence used for outdoor areas with high foot traffic. It is easy to clean, stain, and fade resistant. However, don’t place it under direct sunlight as it gets heated up pretty quickly, which can irritate your feet.


Suitable For: Covered Outdoor Spaces

These rugs look very stylish and are affordable as well. They are eco-friendly, firm, and comfortable, which makes them great for outdoor spaces.

However, they can’t withstand rains and snow and also they are a bit tough to clean, hence should only be used in covered areas where they are not exposed to a lot of dirt, moisture and heat.

8. Can patio rugs get wet?

What Can You Do With An Outdoor Rug In The Winter?

While an outdoor rug can be left outdoors regardless of the climate, it is better to keep it inside when not in use. When the days become chilly during winters, and it has already started to snow, leaving your rug outdoors in such conditions will only degrade its quality and longevity.

The best thing to do is store it until the weather becomes pleasant again. First, store it nicely and then roll it by inserting a rod to prevent any creasing. After that, you can store it by covering it with a tarp for added protection against dirt and debris.

What Should I Look For in An Outdoor Rug?

Below are some useful tips on buying the best outdoor rugs :

  1.   1.Always look for flatweave rugs as they can withstand heavy foot traffic and are long-lasting as well. Due to tight construction, they don’t collect a lot of dirt and debris and hence remain clean and well-maintained for a long time.
  2. Look for the outdoor rugs that match the color, pattern, and style of your exteriors. You can further style your rug with matching or contrasting furniture, cushions, lighting, and even plants.
  3. Choose a durable material such as polypropylene, polyester, or nylon that can withstand common outdoor climate conditions.
  4. If you’re willing to spend a little more, look for the weather resistance rugs that can be kept outside throughout the year. To prevent mold and mildew buildup, go for moisture-proof rugs.
  5. Look for rugs that offer nice grip and comfort at the same time. They shouldn’t be very slippery or firm.

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Can You Put An Outdoor Rug On Grass?

Not all the rugs can be kept on grass as they sweat a lot, which can damage your lawns. If you want a rug for lawns, buy the one made from breathable material so that it doesn’t block the airflow.

And that’s all for now. We hope our brief guide on outdoor rugs helps you in making the right decisions.

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